About Fundraising Consultants

Our Approach

We've raised millions of pounds for good causes and can do the same for you.  

Our knowledge comes from experience gained as fundraisers, fundraising directors and as consultants spanning a wide range of causes, funding models and donor audiences, including significant individual donors, trusts and foundations, corporates, community, mass donors, lottery and statutory sources. 

We work:

We work with our clients as ‘critical friends’, providing a caring impartial, external perspective.  And because three heads are better than two, whoever your primary consultant is, they will always be actively supported by a second consultant.

We are proud of our profession and are actively engaged in maintaining standards and continuing our professional development so that you can benefit from the best advice and practice money can buy. 

Our staff consultants are all certificated members of the Institute of Fundraising.  We are committed to the values of the Institute and abide by and promote its Code of Fundraising Practice.

Creatively, diligently, thoroughly, determinedly, cleverly...  

You get the picture: we’re professionals and we’re committed to delivering simply great value and results for our clients.  After all, that’s how we expect to be treated when we engage outside help.

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