What consultants can and can't do

Fundraising Reviews

How a fundraising consultant can help

  1. A fundraising consultant can help you clearly, succinctly and passionately articulate what you do.
  2. Fundraising consultants can help you identify which donor audiences you should approach, how.
  3. A fundraising consultant can help you navigate the various forms of fundraising and help you choose which to invest in and what return on investment to expect.
  4. Fundraising consultants can audit and assess your fundraising.
  5. Leading on from that, a fundraising consultant can help you to create a fundraising strategy and annual plans and budgets. 
  6. As well as those more advice based services, fundraising consultants can also provide a range of hands-on fundraising services.

What fundraising consultants CAN'T do

  1. A fundraising consultant cannot perform miracles, but should be willing to make the tea and coffee.
  2. They cannot remove from you the duty to think hard about what is important / urgent / special / different about your cause or project.  Far from it!
  3. They shouldn't really work on a commission basis, except where very occasionally it can't be avoided.
  4. When providing hands-on fundraising services, consultants won't generally want to raise money for "the good work we do".  You will either need a clear and compelling case for support for your project/work, or you will need to be prepared to invest in developing one.
  5. A good consultant - one with integrity as well as expertise - will never embellish your project/work.  They will tease out the compelling aspects of it and present them to best effect in a targeted way.

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