Accessibility Statement

Our Approach

We have tried to make this website broadly accessible in a number of ways, for example by using plain language where possible, using minimum font sizes, and by trying to ensure that content remains logical and readable when text is enlarged by your browser or read aloud by a reader. 

We apologise sincerely in advance if we have not done enough to make the site accessible to you.  We know we can do more and we welcome suggestions as to how we can improve matters, although we can't promise to implement your ideas and suggestions.

Web and mobile technology is developing so rapidly that it is very hard - and can be very expensive - to become and remain accessible to all devices, browsers and users.  We passionately want to be as accessible as possible, but recognise we're limited by the inevitable constraints of time and money.

If you would like to discuss any of this, please do get in touch.

To discuss your needs:

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