Case for Support Development / Testing

Your case for support tells your story powerfully, informing and motivating potential donors, staff and volunteers.

Action Fundraising Reviews

You attract interest in and support for your cause by describing why your beneficiaries matter, the problems you hope to solve and how you hope to solve them. Developing formal cases for support help you to describe your work in a fresh way, matched to the interests and approach of the particular supporters you hope to target. You may have one overarching case for support which you can tailor for a particular trust or individual.  Or you might develop a series of cases for support for a variety of projects or campaigns.

You can draw on our years of understanding how best to present your cause, mission and vision. We will then help you road test it with your supporters to guarantee it works for the selected audience. This in itself can be a powerful form of inclusion and stewardship.  Our Case for Support Development/Testing will:

  • help you build an inspiring case, detailing your beneficiaries; needs and how you will help them
  • explain to your carefully targeted supporters why their help is needed and the difference they can make
  • tailor a useable format that can be easily used by your teams in a variety of contexts and forms of fundraising
  • road-test your new case for support with the sort of supporters you hope to attract

Charities wanting to:

  • develop a toolkit of arguments to increase income and support
  • step-change their major gift, corporate or trust fundraising
  • attract supporters to a particular campaign or project
  • develop and steward existing and prospective donors

  • decades of knowledge of how to attract people to your cause and motivate them to act
  • the resources to inform your recruitment and stewardship of your supporters and funders
  • clear, useable formats tailored to your particular charity
  • a rigorous testing programme that will road test your case with actual supporters



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