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"A goal is a dream with a deadline.” (Napoleon Hill)

Planned the work?  Now work the plan.  Need practical, expert support to do that?  As charity fundraising practitioners with expertise in all the main forms of fundraising, we are available to:

However you need us to work, our experience and track record will deliver results.

Trust Fundraising

Grant making charitable trusts have one purpose: to give billions away to UK charities each year. You can maximise this source of income with our help.  An experienced trust fundraiser will secure donations of more than 10 times their salary or fee. What return are you getting on your trust fundraising? 

Major Donor Fundraising

Securing major gifts can transform your organisation’s ambitions and reach. Our specialist major donor/high net worth fundraisers have decades of experience raising big gifts and are still actively doing so. 

Funding & Prospect Research

Your best fundraising is based on evidence and a firm sense of what funders and individual supporters will respond to in your work. Much of this information is already available to you if you can just unlock it by asking the right questions in the right way. 

Case for Support

Your case for support tells your story powerfully, informing and motivating potential donors, staff and volunteers. You attract interest in and support for your cause by describing why your beneficiaries matter, the problems you hope to solve and how you hope to solve them. 

Capital Campaigns

‘A co-ordinated institutional effort with a specified goal and timetable to increase an organisation’s permanent assets and lift it to a higher level of performance’. Capital Campaigns are a huge investment of time and resource but equally reap huge rewards. Careful initial planning starts with a Feasibility Study. 

Corporate Fundraising

The landscape and ethos of corporate partnerships and fundraising has never been so fluid and changeable. Companies are increasingly insisting that their gifts transform lives and make a difference. Matching the right companies and partnerships to the right cause has never been more demanding or more rewarding. 

Digital Engagement

You want your messages and needs to be broadcast to the right people cost-effectively. Digital media are perfect communication and engagement tools for charities of every size. Integrating digital and social media platforms into your overall fundraising can turn your Facebook likes, web visits and email click-throughs into real supporter engagement, income and loyalty. 

Donor Campaigns

Acquiring new donors and communicating with and converting your existing supporters through direct marketing is a keystone of charity fundraising. Planning an effective appeals and campaigns calendar and benchmarking what your warm and cold appeals can be expected to raise will help you manage results realistically. 

Interim Support

Your charity needs to respond flexibly to changing circumstances. Interim Fundraising and Marketing support helps you meet a variety of staffing challenges. You may have an emergency absence to cover or need an interim while you search for the right permanent cover. 

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