Short-termism in fundraising

Fundraising quick winsThe phone rings.  Someone needs help with fundraising.  "Great – how can we help?" I ask.  "We’re looking for some quick wins.  We want to get at some of the low-hanging fruit".  If I had a tenner for every time I’d heard that I could retire tomorrow.  Read full article...


£507,000 secured for Dyslexia Action

Dyslexia Action is a national charity taking action to improve lives through education - removing barriers to learning, employment and fulfilment for people with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties.    Read full article...


A relational approach to improving supporter retention

Fundraising is about relationships

With the cost of acquiring new donors rising, pushing the break-even point on donor acquisition back, you’d think charities would be making an extra effort on retention.
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Small local charities - making expert input affordable - Camden ‘training plus’

It’s not just big charities with complex operations that need professional fundraising advice and services.   But small charities often can’t afford to get expert help.

Or can they?  Charities often form consortia to bid for contracts and funding, so why not come together to commission expert input into fundraising strategy, funding research, bid writing or digital fundraising for instance?

The London Borough of Camden recently commissioned us to provide a package of training and ongoing advice and support to charities providing social care to older people and running good neighbour schemes in the borough.

Fifteen organisations are benefiting from an intensive customised workshop, tailored follow-up support and ongoing professional advice - or ‘training plus’ as we call it - training, plus consultancy.

The challenge with using training alone to meet learning needs is (at least!) twofold:  Read full article...